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This site provides information, tips and tricks about starting a techventure startup. Many people involved in research and developement have brilliant, technology based, business ideas and spend many hours working on the technical realization of their invention. They dream of a tech startup and how they are going to make money with their technology. The realization of your own tech startup! Being a business owner and entrepreneur. No boss, more freedom, more money and creative control are the main arguments. However, in practice, only a few stop dreaming and take the first steps, become an entrepreneur and start their own technology company. Remember, every great technology company originates from that first action of a single person with a great idea for a technology startup. See for instance the little garage of the small tech startup Hewlett Packard below, where it all started.

This website provides information and answers question on how to start your own tech company with a focus on the business side of a tech startup. For instance: why should you care about intellectual property when you start a technology company? This site will provide you with the necessary background knowledge to take the first steps from an idea towards a mature business model. There are thousands of websites about starting a business. However, it is much more difficult to find a conceptual framework which helps you to find your way from the idea to the market when you have a new technology or an invention and little or no money. This holds true in particular when you have no background in finance. How do you succeed in raising a capital investment for your techventure? Or, maybe, there are subsidies available? Also, we give a comprehensive answer to a question which is important when you talk to interested investors as well as when you want to sell your company: what is it worth? So we explain the most important valuation methods and give examples on how to value a business. With these information and concepts is it will be easier to raise the money to start your own technology company based on an invention.

Start a TechVenture startup

Starting a business is quite simple. It takes just a little time to complete all the paperwork necessary to start a business. It will cost you at most a few days. However, in practice, starting up a successful business is a complex process with a lot of pitfalls along the road. You will have to think about many things and take numerous decisions. It is even more complicated when you are thinking of a startup which is based on new technology, invention or your technological expertise. It often turns out that for an entrepreneur with a great idea or an invention it is difficult to get a complete picture of what exactly should be done to be successful. Furthermore, it is not clear what the sequence of actions is to raise the money that you need.

Startup Odyssey

With a lot of questions in mind, the fresh entrepreneur starts an odyssey along various public officers, consultants, many more consultants, funding agencies, patent lawyers, potential investors, accountants and so on. Along the way the picture becomes more and more blurred because these mostly very helpful advisers can (or want to) tell you only a part of the story due to the fact that they all have their own interests. This site will help you to shape up your thoughts and provide you with useful and practical information on every conceivable topic when you plan to start a which is based on new technology or an invention. Although still modest in size, it is the the aim to expand this site with a range of topics from which the challenge and the fun of starting your tech startup is shown. To assess the feasibility of your technology company let's start with a business case analysis.

The history of Hewlett-Packard

Most technology companies begin small like Hewlett-Packard in their garage Even Hewlett-Pakckard started as a very small technology company in this rented garage (1939). This is considered as the origin of Silicon Valley.